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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Injury prevention programs

We're eager to partner with your organization to help keep our communities safe. All our educational programs — on topics ranging from pedestrian safety to gun locks — are free.

Our programs

Learn more about our injury prevention programs below. If you’re interested in participating in or hosting a program, fill out the form on this page.

Dying to be the life of the party

This program teaches high school and college-aged students about the risks associated with binge drinking, including how to spot the signs of acute alcohol poisoning and how to respond quickly.

This program is presented to local high schools and colleges.

Safe Driving Coalition (Lycoming County PennDOT)

The Driver Safety Task Force (or Mature Drivers Task Force) works to keep older people active and mobile — safely, for as long as possible.
ATV safety

Our ATV safety program teaches children ages 8 to 15 how to safely operate an age-appropriate ATV, reducing the risk of serious injuries such as facial fractures and spinal cord damage.
Susquehanna Valley Safe Kids

This program aims to reduce injuries among local children and youth by addressing:

  • Traffic safety
  • Home safety
  • Water and fire safety
  • Poison prevention
  • Fall prevention
Firearm safety

This program provides education about safe firearms storage and the use of gun locks. Participants receive a complimentary gun lock.
Distracted driving: Impacting teen drivers

This program, designed for those ages 15 to 24, builds awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, with an emphasis on discouraging cell phone use while driving.

This program is presented to local high schools.

A Matter of Balance: Fall prevention program

This program is designed to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults.

Trained facilitators conduct eight two-hour sessions for participants to learn to view falls, and fear of falling, as controllable and set realistic goals for increasing activity. Participants also learn how they can change their environment to reduce fall risk factors and learn simple exercises to increase strength and balance.

Stop the Bleed

As part of the national Stop the Bleed campaign, Geisinger Medical Center teaches people how to manage life-threatening bleeding until EMS or first responders arrive.

A combination of lecture, videos and hands-on skill stations, this course lasts about an hour and teaches the basic principles of bleeding control and tourniquet use.

This course is available to local civic groups, schools (including staff and students), church groups, community groups (including Boy and Girl Scouts) and employees of local companies.

CarFit: Helping mature drivers find their safest fit

At a CarFit event, a team of trained technicians and/or health professionals work with older drivers to ensure they "fit" their vehicle properly for maximum comfort and safety. A CarFit check takes about 20 minutes. This can be done at a scheduled event in your area or 1:1 by appointment. The team also connects drivers to community resources that can enhance their mobility.
Sit back: School bus safety

This interactive program teaches traffic safety by having children get on and off a school bus in a safe environment, showing them proper safety awareness, how to exit in an emergency and reinforcing on-the-bus safety rules.
Pedestrian safety

This course helps participants learn how to prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths.
Bicycle safety: Sharing the road

Available to all age groups, this program covers road safety, bike safety, laws and how to stay safe while cycling. Education on proper fit of bicycle helmets is also provided.

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