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“The first 50 days of my life, I lived in a hospital incubator,” said Jim Lane, explaining he was born two months premature back in the ‘60s when only a very small percentage of preemies survived. Today, the Forty Fort resident serves as a chaplain at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center and can often be found keeping bedside vigils with distraught family members and patients.  One night at the hospital, Jim was summoned to the emergency department to meet the anxious family of a young woman who was in a bad car accident. As the patient headed into surgery, Jim walked with her grandparents to the waiting area and soon learned her grandmother was a retired nurse. “She worked at the hospital where I was born and she remembered caring for a little boy who weighed only two pounds. By the time her granddaughter came out of surgery, we both realized she was the nurse who took care of me during my first few weeks of life.” Fifty years after Jim left that incubator, he was able to return the kindness and compassion she afforded him in his first weeks of life by sitting and offering her support during a trying medical crisis. And by the time her granddaughter was released from the hospital, both would come to realize this story has two happy endings.   #GeisingerStories 

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