“I have to look at what hand was worked on because that’s how good the surgery was,” David Rumbel, of Ringtown, Schuylkill County, says. “It all started in 2013 — signing my name was difficult, and I couldn’t put my hand in my pocket. I couldn’t even put gloves on. I had Dupuytren's disease — a growth that was shrinking tendons and pulling my finger in so I couldn’t straighten it out. I went for a consultation with a doctor to discuss a corrective procedure. My standard pre-op blood work came back showing high protein levels- that’s when they told me I have bone marrow cancer. My treatment began with radiation and chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant. Following my surgery, my immune system was very weak, leaving me susceptible to even a common cold escalating. A short stay in the hospital following my surgery ensured sterile conditions for a healthy recovery. After my procedure and entering cancer remission, I was finally in good enough shape for my hand surgery. I had the surgery done by Dr. Goldberg and it turned out fabulous. I had no pain, which shocked me. I slept through the first night and woke up the next day with absolutely no pain. When they took the splint off, I had a good amount of movement, and didn’t even need physical therapy. I had no pain, and I contribute that to Dr. Goldberg.” #GeisingerStories
David Rumbel