Sandy Long understands the ravages of cancer all too well. The retired nurse’s aide lost her husband to lung cancer in 2006. Pancreatic cancer took her son-in-law last year while she fought her own battle with colon cancer. Sandy recently celebrated her 70th birthday cancer-free, thanks to the personal care she received from Geisinger oncologist Dr. Jose Castillo. Now, she shares her story of hope with other patients via a "Survivor Bell" she donated to the chemotherapy unit where she spent long hours in treatment. Whenever a patient reaches a milestone in recovery and care, they ring the bell as a happy reminder that good things are ahead. "I wanted to give other patients a chance to celebrate their good days, and give back to those who are still fighting," Sandy says. "There's a light at the end of the tunnel and this tells them to keep the faith." #GeisingerStories
sandy rings a bell