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“Four weeks ago I gave birth to my second daughter Jillian and it was just awesome!” Lauren Conston says. She delivered her little sweetheart in the recently updated Maternity Center at Geisinger Bloomsburg. The new space offers a family-friendly space for moms, babies and their families. “I chose this location specifically because I wanted to have a small group of caregivers around me when I gave birth.” Lauren had the unique experience of delivering in the old maternity suite and this newly renovated unit. “Twenty months ago I had my first baby girl Gia in the old maternity center. While both experiences were terrific, the second time around we had more space which made it easier to keep my family comfortable and close by.” Lauren was happy to see familiar faces when she returned to Geisinger. “A few of the midwives and nurses were students during my first visit and this time around they were full-time employees. The entire OB team went above and beyond to make my stay a very personable experience. And the midwives were exceptional! Everyone seems to love what they do here and it shows." #GeisingerStories #Midwife
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