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A former military mechanic with a penchant for problem solving.

A self-proclaimed “princess” turned military mechanic, Heather Morgan is no stranger to defying the odds and embracing new challenges.

Right before Heather started her freshman year of college, her father underwent emergency triple bypass surgery. With her dad recovering and unable to work, Heather had to assume the responsibility of paying half her college tuition. The problem? She didn’t have a single penny saved.

But Uncle Sam came to her aid when she saw a commercial for the armed forces and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army prepared Heather for her role at Geisinger

To say Heather’s family was shocked when she told them she enlisted in the Army is an understatement. After all, she was the youngest of three children and the only girl. In typical fashion, she was used to getting what she wanted. But Heather was determined to prove to herself and everyone else who put her in the “princess” category that she was made of tougher stuff.   

“The biggest reason I made it through basic training? Because nobody thought I could do it, and I wanted to prove them wrong,” says Heather. “Now, being a veteran is one of my greatest sources of pride.” 

Heather’s decision to enlist even surprised herself. But her experience as a 63B, Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, working on Humvees at Fort Dix in New Jersey shaped her into the detail-oriented, problem-solver she is today. 

The methodical skills she acquired working on military vehicles serves her well in her role as a system support analyst at Geisinger — a job that requires her to solve problems and optimize processes to support the revenue management team.

“I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and get the job done,” says Heather. 

A whole new world with the revenue management team

After leaving the military, Heather earned her business degree while working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Colorado. After relocating to Pennsylvania with her husband and children, Heather was ready to start a career with an organization she could grow with. That’s when two of her friends, who were employees at Geisinger, recommended she apply for a job here.  

A lover of crunching numbers and finding solutions, Heather found the perfect match with Geisinger as a member of the revenue management team. But it didn’t come without the challenges one faces when entering a new industry. 

“Healthcare was completely new to me,” says Heather. “So not only was I starting a new job, but I was also joining a new industry. But I dug in and never gave up — the military taught me that.”

The military also taught her about the importance of teamwork, a value that Geisinger and the Army share alike, and one that Heather views as a top priority. 

“I love my Geisinger family,” says Heather. “If one of us needs help with a difficult assignment, everyone comes running. The support I have here reminds me of being in the military — it’s 100 percent camaraderie.”

Supporting our troops

But this support extends beyond just her team. Heather sees it happening across the entire health system through VetNet, Geisinger’s employee resource group for veterans. On Veterans Day, she joined other members of VetNet to distribute thank you notes along with a star from a decommissioned American flag to veteran employees and patients throughout Geisinger. 

Heather also adds that the newest military leave benefit is just another great way to show our Geisinger family members in the armed forces how much we appreciate them. The benefit offers up to 80 hours of paid leave for employees serving in the Reserves and National Guard for training. 

“I’m proud to work for an organization that makes veteran recruitment and retainment a top priority,” says Heather. “It’s one thing to say you support veterans, but it’s another to act on it.”

Next steps:

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