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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a part of Geisinger’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. ERGs are formed around common identities but are open to all employees. ERGs provide opportunities for all Geisinger employees to build internal and external networks and further develop professionally.

ERGs offer:

  • Connections and networking offered with “like others,” with employees at all levels and with leaders and decision-makers.
  • Innovation through opportunities for diverse and culturally sensitive ideas to develop, and informed decision-making with input from employees knowledgeable about specific demographics or populations.
  • Leadership development and career opportunities for employees at all levels.
  • Mentoring opportunities from the top-down and bottom-up (e.g., younger employees mentoring senior leaders on social media).
  • Talent acquisition, talent management and recruitment efforts expanded to include a diverse employee base through the connections and networks of ERG members.
  • Professional and personal development opportunities surface through involvement with and visibility within ERGs.
  • Employee engagement, commitment, retention and job satisfaction strengthened by giving employees a voice in decision-making.
  • A stronger culture of diversity and inclusion, achieved from the work of individual ERGs and the synergy of ERGs working together.
  • Culturally sensitive marketing and product development created with input from employees with expertise in specific demographics or regions, resulting in customer retention.
  • Brand enhanced by increasing visibility in the community as a diverse and inclusive employer, represented by employees who work to benefit the community.
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The VETNET ERG offers a support network for Geisinger service members, veterans and their families. This group will form collaborative relationships with local veteran support organizations and foster a veteran presence throughout the Geisinger family by recruiting and retaining the best military talent. VETNET strives to:

  • Support the Geisinger Family
  • Support our veteran patients and members
  • Support our veteran community
  • Recruit and retain top veteran talent

The G-PRIDE (Geisinger - People Ready for Inclusion, Diversity and Equality) ERG works to foster a welcoming, caring, inclusive environment for Geisinger employees of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. G-PRIDE serves many roles, including functioning as a source of support to LGBTQ employees in the system as well as educating and enhancing understanding around important LGBTQ issues. G-PRIDE will focus on areas including:

  • Recruitment
  • A physician advocate group
  • Developing a cultural consulting service
  • Professional development
  • Education and training
  • Sponsoring/promoting social events and community connection and events

The GAIN (Geisinger Ability Inclusivity Network) ERG seeks to attract, hire, engage, retain and empower employees with disabilities to fully enrich our workforce while educating our Geisinger family and community about how to best include those with disabilities and positioning Geisinger as the best and most caring place to work. The group will help address the needs of individuals with disabilities among the following populations:

  • Employees
  • Patients
  • Members
Caring for our LGBTQ community

The Women LEAD (Legacy, Empowerment, Advocacy, Development) ERG seeks to enhance women’s recruitment, retention, promotion and professional development across Geisinger. Women LEAD priorities include:

  • Recruitment and networking – Support recruitment efforts and develop networks to increase the representation of female talent at all levels. 
  • Professional development – Offer professional development opportunities to ensure continuous learning for diverse talent. 
  • Community outreach – Lead and collaborate on community outreach initiatives that align with Geisinger’s values and our diversity mission.  
  • Education and engagement – Provide engagement and education opportunities to members, patients and the Geisinger family to drive inclusion and increase cultural competence.

The BOLD (Black Outreach Leadership Development) ERG is a catalyst for caring beyond barriers for Geisinger and is integral to developing opportunities to lead in both the local and global communities we serve. BOLD focuses on increasing awareness of racial issues in the workplace and will provide a network that supports the development of employees who self-identify as Black, African-American or of West Indian or of African descent. BOLD objectives include:

  • Share BOLD stories that include experiences relating to diversity, inclusion and belongingness.
  • Host enterprise-wide events for Black History Month.
  • Ensure all Geisinger marketing publications represent its diverse workforce.
  • Support talent management in recruiting, retaining and promoting Black/African-American talent, and serve on search committees.
  • Host “meet and greet” events for new and current employees, and diversity and inclusion educational sessions for middle/high school students.
  • Provide a professional, personal mentoring and sponsorship community, helping ensure a pipeline of talent for upcoming strategic leadership positions.
Geisinger BOLD members pose for a photo
Additional ERGs are being planned and developed.