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A vacation at home can be a great source of relaxation and enjoyment when you take steps to prepare for your destination. Here are some tips to get you and your home in vacation mode.

Create an itinerary.
Even if you don’t stick to a rigid schedule, having a plan can help keep you on the relaxation track versus slipping into homeowner mode.

Take chores off the to-do list.
Resist the urge to tackle projects during your designated downtime.

Collect menus for local eateries.
Budget for some takeout or a visit to a local eatery you haven’t tried before. Don’t want to splurge on a restaurant? Prepare meals ahead of time so you can kick back during your vacation.

Sleep in the guest bedroom. 
A change of scenery can be accomplished just by switching up which room you’re in. Bring out the fancy towels and miniature soaps you’ve been saving for company. Don’t forget some freshly scented linens on the bed.

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment.  
Online retailers and local cosmetics aisles are full of foot scrubs, face masks and scented bath bombs. Enjoy with chilled sparkling drinks or hot tea, a bath robe and a new pair of slippers.

A vacation at home doesn’t need to be restricted to your house. Approach your hometown as if you were discovering it as a vacation destination. Peruse local boutiques, venture a few miles to the town next door for a popular ice cream spot or take walk around a river or lake. Don’t forget your local art gallery or historical society.

And don’t forget to send postcards to friends and relatives, letting everyone know how much fun you had, right at home.
Writing postcards
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