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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

How many people can say they met their best friend at their doctor’s office? For members of Geisinger’s 65 Forward program, it’s not an unusual occurrence.

Just ask June Fisher and Barbara “Bobbie” Boney. The pair have been members of the 65 Forward Health Center in Kingston since its doors opened in June 2019, and they became friends soon after. A shared love of crafts led to an unexpectedly deep relationship between the two women.

“The first craft we did together was the pumpkin fairy garden — that’s how we met,” said Ms. Fisher, 70, of Shickshinny. After chatting and laughing together during craft sessions at the center, it didn’t take long for the women to exchange numbers and keep in touch even when they weren’t physically together.

It turned out to be a godsend for Ms. Fisher. Around the time she signed up for the program, she had just retired and lost her husband, and she was undergoing treatments for cancer. The need for connection and healthy activities was important for her to heal, she said.

“It’s nice to get out of the house and be with people my own age,” said Ms. Fisher. “After participating in a few different activities, it became like a whole other family.”

While talking to Ms. Boney one day, the two found out they had much more in common than they originally thought.

“I told June how I grew up in New Jersey, and my father was in the Air Force,” said Ms. Boney, 67, of Swoyersville. “It turns out she lived near the base my father was stationed at, so we knew a lot of the same stores and other places in the neighborhood. That’s when we really bonded.”

And while these two continue to grow their bond, the friendship extends to others at Geisinger 65 Forward, too.

“I really can’t say enough good things about this place,” said Ms. Boney. “If you’re not in class, people will reach out to see if you’re OK. It’s not being nosy — the people here genuinely care about you. And the staff does, too.”

Both women agree building and maintaining friendships is important no matter your age. “You need to grow and live your life,” said Ms. Boney.

“Friendship is an outlet. And it’s nice to know that if I’m not here, someone will miss me.”
Crafting a friendship
June Fisher (left) and Bobbie Boney became fast friends at 65 Forward.

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