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Each year, the first full week of March is dedicated to poison prevention awareness. Here are some tips to keep your home and surroundings safe.

  • Always store medications and supplements in their original container and dispose of unused or expired medications appropriately.

  • Detergents, pesticides and insect repellents should be stored in a secure location and kept in their original containers. Read the storage requirements for each and never mix chemicals and cleaners together.

  • Keep raw foods separate from other foods. When cooking meat, fish and poultry, use a thermometer to check internal temperature. 

Signs and symptoms of poisoning vary from minor skin irritation, runny nose/congestion and vomiting/diarrhea to difficulty breathing and airway swelling.

If you suspect you or someone else has been poisoned and symptoms are minor, call the poison control hotline at 800-222-1222. Call 911 if symptoms are serious.

Meat thermometer

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