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Volunteers join the Red Cross for many reasons — to develop a new skill, build up a resume or simply give back to their community. Others volunteer to stay active after retirement.

If you’ve considered volunteering, decide what motivates you, so you get matched to the right opportunity.

Start by asking yourself which of these benefits most interests you:

  • Making a difference in others’ lives. No matter what role you choose, you’ll have an impact on those we serve.

  • Community impact and connection. The Red Cross helps communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters every day. You’ll see the difference that you make.

  • Building your network. You’re guaranteed to make friends and professional connections at the Red Cross. And your expanded network will include people who are motivated by the same goals and mission.

  • Mental health benefits. Volunteering provides a sense of purpose, reduces stress and helps you stay physically and mentally active.

Questions or suggestions? Give us a call at 570-214-2438 or email us at
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