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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Frank Bedosky and his wife Joy were working in the yard in September 2017, when, “all of a sudden, I couldn’t say my words. Everything I was trying to say was garbled.” The 72-year-old Berwick native fell to the ground and his neighbor rushed to help. He recognized Frank’s symptoms as those of a stroke and quickly called for help.
In the ambulance traveling to Geisinger Medical Center, Frank said the emergency responders were in constant contact with vascular neurosurgeon Dr. Christoph Griessenauer and his team. “They were ready and waiting when I got there,” says Frank.
“When Frank came to the hospital he had a stroke. A major blood vessel on the right side of his brain was blocked by a clot that had most likely come from the heart,” explains Dr. Griessenauer.
Frank refers to his providers at Geisinger as, “the greatest team. They kept my wife, Joy, and our family updated the entire time I was being treated. After two days in the hospital with a stroke, I’m fine. I'm back to being as normal as I can be. I can do everything I did before. I have no restrictions."
Learn how Dr. Griessenauer and his team helped Frank at
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