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All Geisinger locations are open and providing patient care. Please arrive as scheduled for your appointment unless you hear from a member of your care team. We appreciate your patience if you experience any delays during your visit.

From how you can save money on medication to how you can sign up for mail-order pharmacy, there’s a lot to know about Geisinger Pharmacy.

What if you could manage your medications and save money on your prescriptions, all with the same pharmacy? With Geisinger Pharmacy, you can do just that. (And you can get more benefits, too.) Geisinger pharmacist Paul Lupano answers some of the more common questions we get about Geisinger Pharmacy

What can I get at a Geisinger Pharmacy? 

Geisinger Pharmacy has a lot to offer to cover your medication and prescriptions needs, including:


How does Geisinger Pharmacy benefit me? 

With options for 90-day prescription supply deliveries with mail-order pharmacy, you can have your medications delivered right to your home. In saving a trip to the pharmacy, you’re saving time.

And with competitive pricing in our retail locations, we often offer lower pricing than larger retail stores — especially for over-the-counter medications — so it’s also saving you money. If the cost of any medication is a challenge, you can ask our pharmacy team about options available to make pricing more affordable.

Get these things and more, all in one location, right in your Geisinger Pharmacy location:

  • Prescriptions, including hard-to-find medications
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications, including seasonal allergy medications, vitamins and supplements
  • Medications for diabetes and blood pressure

How quickly can I get a prescription filled? 

Our retail locations often have prescriptions filled before you even leave your doctor’s appointment. And all prescriptions that are scheduled for pickup will be ready the same day.

With mail-order pharmacy — for those who are eligible — prescriptions will be ready between 4 and 10 days. Need your medication sooner? Talk with your doctor about picking up your first fill at a Geisinger Pharmacy and having future ones sent through mail-order.

Whether you’re picking up locally or requesting a mail-order pharmacy refill, you can manage all your Geisinger Pharmacy prescriptions right in the Geisinger Pharmacy portal and app. Check out our pharmacy portal FAQs

How do I become a Geisinger Pharmacy member?  

If you aren’t a Geisinger Health Plan member, you can still benefit from Geisinger Pharmacy. If you want to use a Geisinger Pharmacy retail location, you can have your doctor send your prescription or transfer your prescriptions to a location near you.

And to become eligible for Geisinger Mail-Order Pharmacy, you can call 844-878-5562 to become a member of Geisinger Health Plan.

Next steps: 

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