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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Anxiously awaiting your lab results? Get them faster with MyGeisinger.

Understanding your test results

After you get lab work done, waiting for the results can feel like an eternity. “What ifs?” may begin to fill your mind and make you worry, even if there’s nothing to be concerned about. Our patient portal, MyGeisinger, allows you to receive your lab results sooner (and stress less) with just a few clicks. Reading the results is quick and easy, too.

Because test results are made available to you immediately, you may receive them before you provider has had a chance to review them. If you'd prefer to get your results from your provider, you can always send them a secure message in MyGeisinger or wait until they contact you directly. 

Getting your lab results and test results

Blood work is used to diagnose certain conditions or get a picture of your overall health. Routine labs can also be used to monitor the progression of an illness or medical condition.

If you have a Geisinger healthcare provider and your test was performed at a Geisinger lab, you’ll be able to view the results in the MyGeisinger patient portal, sooner than it would typically take. Getting the results is fast and easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

Using the myChart app (the MyGeisinger app):

  1. Open the myChart app on your mobile device.
  2. Under “Activities,” click on the “Test Results” icon.
  3. View your test results.

Using MyGeisinger:

  1. Login to your account by visiting on your mobile device or computer
  2. Select “View test results” from the menu bar on the right-hand side. Or click the “Medical Record” icon at the top of the page and choose “Test & Lab Results” from the dropdown menu.
  3. View your test results

What your results mean

Your lab results will typically include details that fall under one of three readings:

  • Negative/normal — This means the test didn’t find what was being tested for or the range is within what’s considered standard
  • Positive/abnormal — This means the test showed what was being tested for
  • Inconclusive — This means the results did not provide enough information to make a diagnosis

Additionally, you may see a set of numbers that tell you what the standard range is for that specific test and what your numbers are, such as cholesterol levels or complete blood count. It’s important to note, numbers outside the standard range do not necessarily mean there is a problem.

Depending on the type of lab work you are having done, you may see different numbers or information specific to the test.
Stress, being sick or taking certain medications can affect your results.

Results that require additional testing or treatment will be addressed by your healthcare provider. If you aren’t sure what your numbers mean or you have a question, call your doctor’s office or send a message to your provider through MyGeisinger.

If you’d rather see your doctor in person to discuss your results, you can schedule an appointment or send them a message right through MyGeisinger.

Next steps:

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