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Virtual ceremony held Jan. 7

SCRANTON – Geisinger College of Health Sciences conferred 44 Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) degrees upon students in Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s MBS Class of 2022. Commencement ceremonies were held virtually Saturday, Jan. 7. 

Greetings were offered by Julie Byerley, M.D., M.P.H., Geisinger College’s president and Geisinger chief academic officer, while Nelson Sofoluke, MD ’17, MBS ’13, delivered the keynote speech. Dr. Sofoluke is a neurosurgical resident at Geisinger. During a special ceremony honoring first-generation-to-college graduates, Michael Sulzinski, Ph.D., professor of Immunology and Microbiology, offered a reflection on the particular challenges this group of students face.

Jonbrandon Mulholland, MD ’20, MBS ’15, welcomed the new graduates to Geisinger College’s growing MBS Alumni Society.

Jennifer Boardman, associate dean for Graduate Education, presided over the ceremony, which was marked by class awards presented by Greg Shanower, Ph.D., assistant dean of Graduate Program and Curriculum Development. 

The recipients were:
Hannah Dickens, Excellence in Leadership Award, which recognizes a student who displays leadership qualities such as motivating others, being a good role model and resiliency. 

Ahquasia Ramsay, Professional Performance Award, which recognizes a student who demonstrates utmost respect for classmates, faculty and staff. The award winner is a solution seeker, takes initiative, maintains proper and effective communication, and consistently acts with integrity when challenges arise.

Bria Thomas, Service to Class Award, which recognizes a student who has worked hard to plan events for the class, served as a mentor to peers and created new initiatives to share with the community and future classes. 

Sandra Rutkowski, Service to Community Award, which recognizes a student who goes above and beyond to serve both Geisinger College and the community. These recipients have organized special events, volunteered and participated in valuable community outreach and service.

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Geisinger College of Health Sciences is the research and education arm of the Geisinger family. The college houses Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, Geisinger School of Nursing and Geisinger School of Graduate Education. The college is committed to non-discrimination in all employment and educational opportunities.

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