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Meet our president and chief executive officer

jaewon r
Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, president and chief executive officer

Serving as Geisinger's executive vice president and chief medical officer (CMO) since September 2016 – and as a practicing emergency room physician - Dr. Ryu has a deep understanding of the Geisinger organization and culture. As CMO, Dr. Ryu has overseen all aspects of patient care at Geisinger, working to improve patient access, expand our value-based care model and foster more open communication to strengthen the relationships between Geisinger's physicians and employees and the patients, families and communities we serve. Dr. Ryu has been instrumental in leading many of our signature initiatives, including the redesign of Geisinger's primary care model and the successful implementation of our Geisinger At Home program. Read Dr. Ryu’s full bio here >>

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Five things to know about Jaewon Ryu

He lives in Lewisburg. Dr. Ryu calls the Greater Susquehanna Valley town home, where he lives with his wife Sarah, their two school-age daughters, and Sarah’s parents.
He is an ER physician. While his day job keeps him busy, he has from time to time scrubbed in and worked alongside our ER staff.
He's worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Ryu worked closely with the Department of VA, where he served as a White House Fellow.
He loves ice cream. Especially chocolate, coffee or hazelnut – or any combination of the three!
He's an attorney, too. Dr. Ryu earned his undergraduate degree from Yale University, and his medical and law degrees from The University of Chicago.

A snapshot of Dr. Ryu's major accomplishments for the health care system

  • Improving patient access and value-based care by redesigning our primary care model, leveraging a team-based approach to better manage the health of a panel of patients
  • Launched the Geisinger At Home program, which takes team-based care into the homes of the sickest segment of our population, making it easier to improve health by meeting patients and members where they are
  • Opening our senior-focused primary care health centers, called 65 Forward, dedicated to supporting the special health care needs of Medicare patients
  • Promoted the growth of Geisinger's retail and mail-order pharmacy which saves patients money and promotes better medication adherence
  • Implementing measures to continually improve patient outcomes
  • Strengthening relationships between Geisinger health care providers, and patients/members, families and communities