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Youth volunteer FAQs

I am 13 years old and have older friends that are volunteering at Geisinger. Can’t an exception be made to let me start the process early?

The minimum age for youth to participate in the Geisinger Youth Volunteer program is 14 years old. We do not make exceptions to this policy for safety and program quality reasons.
Why do I have to apply to participate in the Youth Volunteer Program at Geisinger?

The Geisinger Youth Volunteer Program application process is competitive – especially the summer session. All interested youth must complete the application process and be formally accepted to participate in the program.

Not all individuals will be accepted due to program capacity at each campus versus number of interested applicants and schedule availability.
What do I wear when volunteering?

All Geisinger volunteers are required to wear a volunteer uniform and a Geisinger name badge while serving so that they are easily identifiable.

The youth volunteer uniform is a red striped vest that is supplied to all volunteers upon the start of their service. The supplied uniform top is to be worn with navy, tan or grey pants (provided by the volunteer), a shirt with short or long sleeves and closed toed shoes.

I participated in the Summer Youth Volunteer Program last year and have continued to volunteer on a regular basis throughout the school year. Do I have to apply to the summer program again this year?

No. If you have continued service throughout the school year without a break of more than six months in service you do not have to reapply to participate in the summer program.

However, you will need to notify the Volunteer Services office of your intent to participate by the annual deadline and update your application information each year.

I participated in the Summer Youth Volunteer Program last year or the school year program this year. Do I need to attend orientation before participating in the Summer program again?

Yes, every youth volunteer must attend the Summer Youth Volunteer Program orientation each year to participate. Training and information for this intensive, eight-week program is updated regularly, can differ from year to year and is essential for participation success.
I was not accepted into the Summer Youth Volunteer Program. Are there other opportunities offered for youth to volunteer?

Possibly. Geisinger is now offering school year youth programs at some of our campuses. Opportunities may be available for evening and occasional Saturday volunteering during a 12-week fall and spring session.

Contact Volunteer Services at 570-271-6030 for more details.

Does Volunteer Services offer the opportunity to shadow physicians or observe in a clinical setting?

Volunteer Services does not arrange any shadowing with hospital departments. Individuals interested in a shadowing or observation experience must contact the hospital department directly to arrange the experience.
Does Volunteer Services set up learning opportunities for interns or co-op students in a clinical setting?

Volunteer Services does not arrange internships or cooperative learning experiences with hospital departments. Individuals interested in participating in a learning experience for school credit must contact the Human Resources department directly to arrange the experience.