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Behavioral health benefits

On Jan. 1, 2020, GHP assumed the administration of behavioral health benefits for members. 

Evidence supports that this type of integration optimizes member outcomes and controls medical costs. This approach also allows GHP to have a more holistic view of member health, assist in better outcomes and improve overall satisfaction.

GHP meets all federal and state network adequacy requirements, ensuring members have access to providers, regardless of location. We maintain a current database of behavioral health providers so members can identify providers who meet their needs (e.g., location or specialty). 

GHP no longer uses Magellan to manage our behavioral health network as of Jan. 1, 2020. Behavioral health providers should have a direct contract and be credentialed with GHP to continue seeing GHP patients.

View the recorded orientation 

Prepare for 2020

Complete GHP service sheet

We use this to let our members know your clinical areas of focus. Email the completed form to

Review claim requirements

Get ready to submit claims to GHP by reviewing EDI requirements with your vendor/clearinghouse. 

Receiving payment

Make sure you will receive your payments by registering with InstaMed for direct deposit. GHP does not generate paper checks. 

Verify practice information

Check your practice information on our provider search tool to make sure your information is listed correctly.