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We all deserve a little pat on the back for accomplishing a goal, especially when it comes to fitness.

Whether your goal is to walk a mile 3 times a week, or finish your first half marathon, it’s important to reward yourself for a job well done! When you set a goal, write down a meaningful reward and be sure to follow through with yourself when you reach your goal.

Avoid using food as a reward because this may encourage unhealthy eating habits. Once you have worked so hard to get active and lose weight, why would you reward yourself with a high-fat meal or treat? This may actually sabotage some of the healthy habits that you have worked so hard to create.

Treat yourself to tangible rewards. Here are a few examples our wellness team enjoys:

• New clothing

• Concert tickets

• Vacation or weekend getaway

• Night out with friends to see a movie

• Spa day

• Relaxation/time alone

Also remember to celebrate the less tangible, but most important rewards:

• Healthier weight

• Lower blood pressure

• More stable blood sugar

• Better cholesterol numbers

• Quality sleep

• Improved muscle tone

• Improved self-esteem and confidence

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