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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Developing good relationships with your co-workers is important not just for your career, but for your health. When you inspire your co-workers to make physical activity a priority, you create more social support to keep yourself moving. Become a positive role model at the workplace and encourage healthy team-building activities with these tips:

  1. Invite co-workers to join you for a quick walk instead of a coffee break
  2. Implement standing or walking meetings
  3. Take the stairs whenever possible
  4. Organize a walking group 
  5. Take two-minute stretch breaks
  6. Participate in your workplace fitness center or discount gym membership programs
  7. Find a local walking or running event and invite your colleagues to train together
  8. Organize a weekend hike
  9. Start an employee bowling league
  10. Volunteer as a team to plant trees, clean up a park or walk dogs at a local shelter

Source: American Council on Exercise 

Coworkers taking the stairs
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