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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Joseph participated in a screening at his workplace as part of his employer’s incentive program. While reviewing his blood work results, his health coach noticed Joseph’s cholesterol was higher this year than previous years – so high in fact that he would not qualify for the program next year. Along with his elevated cholesterol, his blood pressure was also above the normal range.

Joseph discussed various options and agreed to partner with a health manager, as well as visit with a health coach every time they were onsite. As he worked with his health manager and health coach, his blood pressure slowly started to come down. 

With one month left in the program, Joseph’s results made him extremely happy. Not only did his blood pressure fall back into the qualifying range, but his cholesterol dropped drastically as well. His total cholesterol dropped 46 points and his LDL dropped 33 points. With such a drastic drop in his LDL levels, he is now out of the “very high” range and into the “good” range. He expressed how happy he was to work with his health manager, Ali, and how much she helped him throughout the past few months. He followed all her recommendations and his success was evident in his most recent screenings.

Joseph blog post
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