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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

It was supposed to be a winter getaway to a warm, Caribbean island for Kathy Bair and her husband. Unfortunately, a medical emergency cut short their February vacation to the Dominican Republic.

“Less than 48 hours on the island, I found myself in excruciating abdominal pain,” Kathy recalled. “I tried not to think of the worst in hopes that the pain would subside. It did not. I could barely stand, speak or breathe.”

X-rays at the local hospital determined that Kathy’s bowel was perforated and required emergency surgery.

“There was no way I would survive a trip back to the states for surgery. It was past that point,” she said. “I remember telling my husband to call GHP in the morning and tell them I need to come home.”

Thanks to the persistence from GHP’s medical and provider network management teams, an air ambulance brought them both back to the U.S. so Kathy could get post op care at the health care system she trusts and is proud to work for – Geisinger.

“My husband called medical management and the rest is what GHP is all about – caring. It is what we do,” Kathy said. “Less than 48 hours out of the operating room, I was an inpatient on BP 7.”

Kathy was out of the hospital and back home by March 1. It didn’t take long before she wrote an email to those at GHP who ensured her way home where she could get the best possible care. 

“I know that GHP has transported members home in the past and that they have been involved in members’ care both on and off U.S. soil, I just never through I would experience it firsthand,” Kathy said. “We truly work for a very caring health insurance company and I am personally thankful for that.”

Kathy specifically thanked Dr. Perry Meadows, Jan Fletcher, Eric Hummel, Cindy Dimm, Jason Renne and Donna Oley in her email along with the air ambulance service.

Kathy and Keith Bair
Kathy and Keith Bair
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