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Geisinger Extra

Balancing cost and coverage is a big motivator for many of the companies we work with. Geisinger Extra achieves that balance — and that’s why it’s one of our best selling plans.

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Geisinger Extra provides excellent health coverage in a brand new way. When your employees select a primary care location that’s a Geisinger Extra site, they’ll pay lower office visit copays.

GHP Extra locations are only available in specific counties within our service area.

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ProvenHealth Navigator®

If the Geisinger Extra site is also designated as a ProvenHealth Navigator® site, that means your clients' employees receive extra care.

What do we mean by extra care? ProvenHealth Navigator® sites use a model of care known as the “medical home model.” It involves a GHP nurse working closely with physicians and office staff to provide your clients' employees:

  • Guidance through the complex world of healthcare
  • Same-day appointments for urgent care
  • On-site health coaching
  • Help managing all of your clients' employees’ care if they have complex medical conditions
  • Help moving from hospital to home, if appropriate
  • Preventive care, like flu shots or other immunizations
  • Education about better managing diabetes, heart disease and much more

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